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On Tuesday October 24th, IAIA hosted the the launch of WATAD Magazine's latest issue, with an installation by Queens-based artist and baker Lexie Smith.

This issue of WTD, titled Making Other Natures, highlights contemporary attitudes on the relationship between the natural and the human-made. Making Other Natures features examples exploring an inherent conjoined constitution between nature and society through an active blurring and subverting of an archaic understanding of nature as a detached and homogeneous thing that lies outside of society, an other to be simply marveled at, or even worse, exploited. The ideas that collectively shape this issue aim to chip away at archaic binaries. In continuing to revisit our relationships with all the different natures, we might stumble on desperately needed solutions for our habitats. 

WTD Magazine is an independent architecture and design publication based in Dubai.

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