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The Institute of Arab and Islamic Art (IAIA) is an independent, non-profit hub that promotes and advances the artistic and cultural dialogue between New York City and the Arab and Islamic worlds. IAIA serves as a much-needed platform for creative, innovative and forward-thinking artists, curators, critics, scholars and intellectuals. Through diverse education programs, a multi-disciplinary exhibition space, knowledge-building facility, a residency program and an emphasis on collaborations with cultural organizations around the globe, IAIA provides a convivial, welcoming environment for the international community to learn about and engage with an often over-simplified culture.


The continued misconceptions of the Arab and Islamic worlds have limited and damaged cultural interactions and exchanges with the United States. The lack of facilities, resources and opportunities dedicated to Arab and Muslim artists in New York City has continued to alienate these individuals from a broader global conversation. IAIA establishes itself as a beacon to challenge social misconceptions and artistic stereotypes. IAIA fosters a dialogue between civilizations while dissipating notions of borders by bringing to the fore a thorough appreciation of the region’s own Modern and Contemporary Art. Founded on the value of nurturing art, IAIA will be dedicated to both the preservation and revival of Arab and Islamic art.


IAIA presents works by artists from the Arab and Islamic worlds, including video art, traditional medias, performances, archival exhibitions, installations, and commissioned works. Collaboration with artists that do not belong to the said category is vital, as IAIA will be dedicated to fostering a cross-cultural dialogue.


Highly–curated, well-researched exhibitions is held on a quarterly basis and additional programming will include a residency program for artists, critics, curators and writers, to engage with New York’s art scene. IAIA recognizes the significance of creating knowledge and is therefore, producing publications, screenings and lectures. IAIA will share resources, forge partnerships and collaborate with established institutions and foundations across the Arab and Islamic world as well as New York, bringing together ideas and creating opportunities.

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