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Isolation is the Mother of Invention

A Benefit Exhibition Supporting Education Above All.

The global predicament tipped reality on its side, but as it wreaked global havoc, it demanded new approaches to collective practice. Herein lay the genesis of the idea devised by Kathryn Brennan, who would design a mask made from raw canvas and cotton, and invite artists to individualize them into a kind of costume for a Boschian Wild Rumpus. As part of an integrated design process of “collabs”, the masks would form a common thread, a median of synaptic synergy. These works, created by over 60 multi-generational artists from all over the world have been made in support of Education Above All’s humanitarian goal of offering education to children in marginalized communities and ensuring safe spaces with adequate resources for quality learning.


In this most unprecedented time, not having reliable access and resources means, ostensibly, no education. While most students around the world had the luxury to adapt to online schooling and zoom classrooms, a large percentage of children globally had nothing to pivot from or to. It is within this context of connectedness and interaction the artists featured in Isolation is the Mother of Invention, have graciously gifted their time in support of Education Above All’s mission, while simultaneously visualizing the fantastical, melancholic, and uncanny moment in which we have found ourselves in. 

Artists: Abdullah AlOthman · Aiko Hachisuka · Akira Ikezoe · Ali Banisadr · Alix Pearlstein · Anthony Iacono · B. Wurtz · Bill Adams · Bill Saylor · Bouthayna Al Muftah · Bruce Sherman · Cobra · Daniel Rios Rodriguez · Elliott Jamal Robbins · Eric Wesley · February James · Florencia Escudero · Hannah Barrett · Heather Guertin · Huma Bhabha · Ipek Kosova · Ivan Morley · Jason Fox · Jeff Koons · Joanne Greenbaum · John Williams · Jon Pylypchuk · Jwan Yosef · Kayode Ojo · Kenny Scharf · Kianja Strobert · Kori Newkirk · Kristen Sanders · Laurel Sparks · Lucky DeBellevue · Mark Chamness · Maryam Jafri · Michael Berryhill · Michelle Segre · Miho Dohi ·  Mike Linskie ·Monsieur Zohore · Mubarak Al-Thani · Naomi Nadreau · Naotaka Hiro · Nick Irzyk · Pedro Wirz · Philip Hinge · Pippa Garner · Polly Apfelbaum · Pooneh Maghazehe · Rana Begum · Ravi Jackson · Rema Ghuloum · Sacha Ingber · Samira Abbassy · Sara Rahbar · Spencer Lewis · Subodh Gupta · Tamara Gonzalez · Thamer Al-Thani · Trevor Shimizu · Victoria Roth · Zak Prekop

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